Warranty – Sales and Purchases

1) Limited Warranty – Application

Many of our products are sourced from different manufacturers and suppliers who have their own individual Warranty Policies. A general guide explaining warranty coverage can be found below;

These Terms and Conditions only cover the sale of motorised wheelchair / power chair and mobility scooters.

Any item purchased is warranted from the date of purchase against faults arising due to defects in materials or manufacturing.

Warranty does not cover labour, parts or electrical components damaged by misuse, neglect, accident or improper installation, nor those tampered with, altered or serviced by an agency not authorized by the manufacturer.

Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, e.g. tyres, tubes etc.

Warranty does not cover equipment collection for assessment and return of equipment after the assessment.

The limited warranty is applicable for new equipment / product purchases.

2) Limited Warranty – Terms and Conditions

a) Warranty period is 1 year for the motorised wheelchair / power chair or mobility scooter (herein known as “Equipment”) and 6 months for the batteries (herein know as “Batteries”), calculated from the date of delivery, unless otherwise specified.

b) Warranty is limited to the Equipment base frame, seat frame, electronics and motor/gearbox. All other components are considered wear-and-tear and not covered under warranty.

c) Wear-and-tear components not covered under warranty include;

i) Seat upholstery

ii) Arm pads

iii) Tyres

iv) Paintwork

v) Handgrips (Scooters only)

vi) Baskets (Scooters and power chairs only)

vii) Fibreglass Shrouds (Scooters and power chairs only)

viii) Any other component not stated in point (2 b & c)

ix) Battery Chargers are separate and fall into the Battery criteria

d) Warranty does not cover equipment collection for assessment and return of equipment after assessment and generally does not cover Workshop Labour for  troubleshooting / testing during an assessment.

e) Warranty will be VOIDED if;

i) The Equipment has been modified without prior approval from Scooterland Mobility (herein known as “The Company”).

ii) Break down is due to accident, prolonged exposure to heavy rain, or improper use of the Equipment.

iii) Batteries have not been charged as per manufacturer recommendations.

3) After-Sales Service – Within Warranty Period

a) In the event that the Equipment or Batteries break down during the warranty period, the Company will provide the parts to restore equipment to working condition. The Customer is not required to pay for the repair.

b) The Company will ensure that the Equipment is repaired within 10 working days. If Repair takes longer than 10 working days, The Company is obliged to loan another equipment (herein “Loan Equipment”) for The Customer’s use, until the day the original Equipment is restored to working condition. This 10-day Repair Guarantee is only applicable for stock models, and does not apply to customised equipment.

c) The choice of Loan Equipment is solely up to the discretion of The Company. The Company is not obliged to provide Loan Equipment that is of the same model, or has all of the same functions, as the original Equipment.

d) Equipment loan is only available to customers residing in the Gold Coast region.

4) After-Sales Service – After Warranty Period

e) In the event that The Equipment or Batteries break down after the warranty period, The Company will provide a quotation to The Customer. Repairs will proceed only after acceptance of the quotation and authorization by The Customer.

f) A workshop assessment charge is applicable if The Customer brings the Equipment to The Company premises during opening hours for assessment. A quotation will be provided to The Customer within 4 working days.

g) If on-site assessment is required, a call out charge is applicable to be paid prior to the technician commencing his assessment work. A quotation will be provided to The Customer within 4 working days.

h) The Company reserves the right to revise the assessment charges without prior notification.

i) Warranty for replacement batteries are 6 months, on Carry-In basis.

ii) The warranty for replacement batteries does not include transportation charges if The Company is required to collect the batteries from the Customers and bring the batteries back to the workshop for testing.

iii) The warranty for replacement batteries does not include for the removal of old batteries and fitting of replacement batteries (if deemed applicable).

iv) The Company will not be held liable for any damage done to any property or injury to the Customer or others due to misuse of the equipment.

As mentioned previously the above warranty is not applicable for sale of 2nd-hand units, or other kinds of products.