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With over 15 years experience providing quality mobility equipment for people living with a disability, Scooterland is now an NDIS Registered Provider of Assistive Technology, service and repairs. We recognise the vital need for a system that delivers on the promise of real choice and gives you greater power to decide which products and services you need.

What is the NDIS?
The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a new way to help people under 65 with a disability get care and supports. Providing life-long, individual support to people living with a disability in Australia, the NDIS has been designed to ensure you have genuine choice and control, when it comes to deciding the products, services and support you receive.

Assistive Technology & your NDIS Plan.
Make sure you include Assistive Technology in your NDIS Plan, detailing the products you need and/or an allocation for service and repairs.

Your NDIS Plan – how to get started, simply follow the steps below.

Check your eligibility
To be eligible for NDIS funding you must be an Australian citizen under 65 years of age.

Apply for the NDIS
Contact the NDIS and ask them to send you an Access Request form and an NDIS information pack. Call 1800 800 110 or email nationalaccessteam@ndis.gov.au.

Prepare for your NDIS planning session
Not sure what’s available? See what services, supports and equipment are covered by the NDIS, so you know what to include in your plan. Call 1800 800 110.

Implement your plan
Make sure you include Assistive Technology in your NDIS Plan, detailing the products you need and/or an allocation for service and repairs.

What is an NDIS Plan?

An NDIS Plan sets out the individual support services for a participant in the scheme. It is based on the results of your planning meeting, and should reflect your goals and the support you need to achieve them.

After the planning process is complete, you will be provided with an NDIS plan, which outlines the support and funding available to you for the time of your plan (usually one year). You may use this funding to buy services directly or through the support service you choose.

What is covered?

Your plan is based on your goals and aspirations, now and for the future. It also covers your functional support needs for daily living and participation, the support you need to pursue your goals, and how you want to manage your plan overtime.

Some examples of Assistive Technology that an NDIS participant may be eligible to receive funding for includes (but is not limited to):

  • Powered mobility (including electric wheelchairs & scooters)
  • Manual wheelchairs
  • Seating and positioning for your wheelchair
  • Wheelchair accessories including drive controls and powered assist for manual chairs
  • Bathing and toileting equipment
  • Hoists
  • Beds
  • Plus much more.

Is equipment servicing and repairs covered?

Yes, repairs and maintenance can be included in your NDIS Plan. To live life to the fullest, many people with a disability utilise mobility equipment that may require ongoing servicing and/or repairs. As this equipment is vital to assist your mobility, it’s important that it remains in optimal working order.

With this in mind, equipment servicing can be included, but you will need to allow for it in your NDIS Plan under Assistive Technology. For example, if you have a power chair, you may choose to budget a specific amount of money per year to have the chair serviced and repaired.