Terms & Conditions – Standard (Local) Hire

The Queensland Government regulations require that the hirer must have a need for the use of a mobility aid, if used in a public place. Further the hirer is to comply with the following road rules

Use the footpath at all times or, if unsuitable, as close to the side of the road as possible.

Use the most direct route available when crossing a road

Travel at a speed not in excess of 10kph

Exercise due care and attention in regard to the safety of others.

Terms and Conditions

The item/s shall always remain the property of Scooterland Mobility.

The hirer acknowledges that the use of the item/s has the potential to cause injury, damage or loss to both the hirer and any other person or property, and further acknowledges that this use is entirely at their own risk.

The hirer accepts total liability should any claim be made by any person or persons in respect to any injury or damage caused by the hirer whilst he or she is in charge or control of the item/s, (control being the total time hired by the hirer both start and end dates inclusive).

In consideration of this contract to hire, the hirer absolutely releases Scooterland Mobility, its servants and agents for all liabilities, loss or demands made by any person or entity, as a result of any act or omission by the hirer whilst in possession or control of the item/s. This includes but is not limited to death, personal injury, property loss or damage to the hirer or any other persons howsoever such damage or loss may be caused either wholly or in part by any act or omission by the hirer.

The item/s must at all times be carefully maintained.

The mobility scooter must at all times be operated and parked in a secure and dry areas. The mobility scooter MUST NOT be driven in rain, soft sand or mud.

All loss or damage done by, or to, the item/s must be paid for by the hirer, (including punctured/ flat tyres).

Our hire mobility scooters have a nominal user weight of 115 kgs, the hirer agrees to advise if the prospective user(s) is/are heavier than the nominal weight stated above, if so, please inform us at the onset, so we can assign a suitably spec’d mobility scooter that would be fit for purpose.

All item/s are deemed to be received and in control of the hirer when the item/s are delivered to the agreed specified place and time.

All hire, including extensions to be paid in advance and refund is not applicable.

Local Hire

For local hires (Gold Coast Area), we need the following personal and well as standard booking information;

Contact Name

Contact Mobile No

User approx. weight to size the correct scooter

Credit Card details to reserve booking

Delivery Date & Time

Collection Date & Time

Accommodation Name

Accommodation Address

Reception / Concierge booking No

We shall require to know if the accommodation has been booked privately, as if the apartment has been booked privately (i.e. not thought the hotel / Resort) them hotel staff have no obligation to accept delivery or hold hire equipment for the guest.

Booking through sites such as Airbnb (i.e. not booked thought the hotel), means that the hirer has to make arrangement to be present to accept delivery of hire equipment, conversely has to arrange a suitable time for hire equipment to be collected.

If the accommodation has been booked through the Hotel / Resort, the booking reference should be forwarded to confirm that the client has a booked room and that hotel staff (reception / concierge) have been informed to accept delivery and hold rental equipment.

Theme Park Hire

Our Theme Park Hire comprises;

Delivery to Theme Park – Normally between 09:00 and 10:00 and as arranged by SMS message 30 mins to 1 hour before expected arrival at Theme park

Scooter Hire for the day

Pickup from the Theme Park – Normally as arranged by SMS message 1 hour before expected departure from Theme park

We need the following information as well;

User approx. weight to size the correct scooter

Mobile contact No for SMS confirmations on the day of hire

Accommodation address

Credit Card details to reserve booking

The following Theme Parks are included;


Movie World

Dream World

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Paradise Country