Terms & Conditions – Sales & Purchases

Returns and Replacement

If for any reason your purchase is faulty, we ask that you return it to us for warranty repair, only applicable within the warranty period.

If you are not satisfied with your Purchased

Contact Customer Service on phone: (07) 5539 2141. We will assist you with your return request.

Your item must be returned to us at the address on our contact us page unless otherwise stated and should be in its original packaging and in good condition.

The cost of return will be paid for by the purchaser unless otherwise agreed with us in advance.

Consumers’ responsibilities – goods (according to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission – ACCC)

The law aims to give consumers and sellers a fair go. It is not designed to protect consumers if they are careless or make unreasonable demands.

There are several circumstances when consumers are not entitled to a remedy from the seller. Sellers do not have to give refunds, credit or exchanges if consumers:

Change their minds, decide they do not like the goods or have no use for them (except in cases where other legislation provides for a ‘cooling off’ period – for example, door-to- door sales)

Discover they can buy the goods cheaper elsewhere (except where the seller provides a guarantee that the goods cannot be purchased cheaper elsewhere)

Re-stocking fee, only applied if the product is in original condition and at the discretion of Scooterland Mobility, Scooterland can take back purchases within a 7 day period, but are obligated to apply a re-stocking fee normally being 15% of purchase price.

Again at the discretion of Scooterland Mobility, Scooterland can exchange purchases within a 7 day period, but are obligated to apply the full retail price for the exchange item which has to be at least 80% or more of the original price of the item initially purchased in order to comply with the requirements to wavier the re-stocking fee.