Difference between a “Service and a Repair”

Servicing is a periodic health check of the mobility scooters, wheelchairs and wheelie walkers (rollator), when the equipment is still operational.

The purpose of servicing equipment:

  1. Maintain the performance of the equipment’s
  2. Minimize the wear and tear of the equipment
  3. Avoid hefty repair bills later on
  4. Most importantly to ensure the user’s comfort and safety.

A repair is necessary when equipment has developed a mechanical, operational or functional issue which affects the equipment’s performance.

During repair, we will assess the condition of the equipment and investigate the potential issue. Afterwards, we inform the clients what remedies and/or possible solutions are available to restore the functionality of the equipment.

If replacement parts are needed to restore the equipment back too operational status. A quote will be offered; detailing the expected parts required and associated labour cost to effect the repairs and bring the equipment back to operational readiness. Only with the acceptance of the quote and the client authorization to proceed, will the repair then carried out.

When the repair is minor, if feasible we will do it on site. But usually repairs are carried out in the workshop.

A repair does not include servicing; similarly, repairs do not include a service. However conducting a service after a repair, or a repair whilst conducting a service is possible, although this additional work will be chargeable.

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